Expand your vision!

The annual gala fundraiser is, financially, an organization’s most important night. Engage donors and benefactors as Shore Circus acrobats embody your institution’s message and goals.  We’ll seamlessly blend your emotional and heart-felt themes with the elegant event you’re hosting. 

With flexibility in both scale and budget, our complete ‘turn key’ entertainment arrives with everything needed to make your night memorable! Grab guest at cocktails with Acrosphere, living breathing art work that dangles mid-air and roves your crowd. Animate your dinner with a full floor show featuring aerial and ground acrobatics. Energize your members between speeches, auctions, and awards with Cirque Scenes: individual, intense, featured acts that simulate your donors and keep them ready for your message. 

Shore Circus has the safety procedures and equipment to work within historic buildings and around priceless collections. We’ve worked with museums across the country to marry live artists with history’s greatest masters. Kick off exhibitions, highlight collections, and make the masters come alive with aerial and acrobatic tributes! 

Come to Shore Circus and expand your vison!

Rope of Light: This aerial interpretation of a Tibetan folktale was created for the Rubin Museum of Art's Asia Week Gala fundraiser.

The beautiful Overture Center in Madison, WI hosted that city's 50th annual Frostiball! They envisioned a bold teal, red, and metallic themed Cirque extravaganza to warm up guests up from the snow outside and we were thrilled to make that dream a reality!

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